Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Results Are In

Results have been reported and we are very disappointed to restate to our readers that Wes Shoemyer has lost his reelection to Republican Brian Munzlinger.

We have been and remain confident that Shoemyer would have been the best candidate for District 18 but we are also confident in the democratic process and so we understand that every election will not go in our favor. (There's always next time, right?)

That being said, we'd like to thank our readers for sticking with us for what has been an interesting experience that has taught us a lot about the election process and has shown just how important local elections are.

Please remain informed for future elections and continue to dig deep in your search for who your vote belongs to.


Monday, November 1, 2010


Only 6.5 hours til the polls are open! Get to the polls tomorrow and VOTE FOR WES SHOEMYER! The day is finally here to let your voices be heard!

The polls open at 6AM and close at 7PM. If you are in line by 7pm you have the RIGHT to cast your VOTE!

**Need to know where your polling place is located? Check it out here!

**Not sure what the acceptable forms of voter ID are? Find out here!

**Once you find your polling place you can even view a sample ballot that includes information on everything you will be able to vote on.

Remind your friends to get out there and VOTE for Wes Shoemyer. We need to get the best man for the job re-elected and from what we have found here at A New View on Shoe the clear choice is Shoemyer!

We will be updating you with election results as soon as possible after they are annouced! Now let's all go out and vote to bring in a win for Wes!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

We're almost there!

Hey there, sorry this post is a day late. Technology and I were not getting along yesterday.

Our post from this past Monday let you hear what Senator Shoemyer was most proud of from his time in the Missouri House of Representatives. After you listen to what he's proud of from his past four years in the Missouri Senate, you'll see why it's not just important for our elected officials to fight for bills but also to fight against bills.


Senator Shoemyer is referring to SB364 that was getting pushed through Missouri's Congress in 2007. As Shoemyer mentions, it was put at a top priority for many in Congress, including then Governor Blunt. If passed, this bill would have taken away local control from city government regarding health ordinances in agriculture.

As this article states, SB 364 would have taken away local control from elected officials "to protect the health, welfare and property rights of family farmers, landowners and rural citizens." The farmers and property owners would not have the right to defend their property against corporate livestock factories, such as CAFO.

Senator Shoemyer, and others with dedicated interest to the individual, realized this bill was not in the best interest of many, especially those here in Northeast Missouri. According to the senator, many in Jefferson City were ready to see this passed and thought it would pass with ease. Luckily for us up here in NEMO, Senator Shoemyer and others did not let those special interests win. They fought for our rights to maintain local control. And when agriculture is an integral part of life in District 18, we're glad that Senator Shoemyer isn't afraid to both fight for what is right and fight against what is wrong.

Over these past few weeks, Allie and I have been working hard to tell you anything and everything we can on why we believe Senator Shoemyer should be re-elected to represent District 18 in Missouri's Senate. My mother always uses the phrase, "Don't fix what isn't broken." Not only has Shoemyer's tenure as Senator not been broken, it has been beneficial to Northeast Missouri. He has worked for what is best for us and has done so through listening to his constituents and their needs.

Before Tuesday's election, we also encourage you to check out some of the blogs of our classmates, including the other Democratic candidates in this District: Rebecca McClanahan and Robin Carnahan. Look at Adair Alerts to learn more about the city elections and propositions/amendments that will be on the ballot.

Educate yourself and help us all by voting on Tuesday. And enjoy the rest of your weekend, the weather here in Kirksville is beautiful!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Strong til the end!

If you haven’t noticed from the mass amount of TV, radio and newspaper ads the countdown to the election is on with only 5 DAYS TO GO! Even with the heat on there is no stopping Shoemyer. Just yesterday he was endorsed by the Hannibal Courier-Post in an article which recommended everyone in the 18th district to give their vote to Shoemyer! The article praised Wes for many of his actions during his time in senate and strongly believes he will lead Missouri in the right direction in the future! We here at A New View on Shoe agree with this article and know that a vote for Shoemyer is the right choice! Read the whole article here.

With the election so near Shoemyer has also put out a video concerning the Lewis County Industrial Development Authority discussed in Friday’s entry along with other issues he felt necessary to include. The video is a nice change to all the audio we have been listening to because we can actually see Shoemyer’s honesty and drive coming through in his facial expressions! Check out the video on his website shoemyerforsenate.com!

If you haven’t figured it out by now Shoemyer is right choice! With the election day coming we encourage you to inform your friends and family about Shoemyer and why he is the right man for the job. We need you as upstanding citizens of this district to help Shoemyer with the final push to winning the election next Tuesday! Shoemyer will support and work for the needs of his district if he gets elected and he needs your help in this final week to get there!

Monday, October 25, 2010

For the people

There are advantages and disadvantages to being the incumbent in a race. You have an increased name recognition which is obviously helpful during election season and also at the polls. People may already know your face and what you stand for.

On the flip side, though, you are expected to be able to defend your time in office and prove why you're still the right one for the job. This may not be easy for some but for Wes, we definitely see why he is proud to tell about his time in office.

When I met with him a few weeks ago, I was curious to know exactly what has been his proudest moment serving Northeast Missouri in Congress. As you all know, Wes started his time as political servant in 2000 in the House of Representatives and continued to the Senate in 2006. His proudest moments in office are not only positive contributions he made to this state, but they also show his dedication to the people and not to the system.

Listen to what Shoemyer has to say about what he's most proud of from his time in the House of Representatives:


Shoemyer is talking about HB 279, a bill that he sponsored within his first few months in office. The bill was signed by the governor only five months later. Like Shoemyer says, the bill increased newborn screening tests to require screening for additional potentially treatable disorders such as cystic fibrosis.

Shoemyer saw the need for this from members of the community. He truly listened to what the people needed and wanted and he made it happen.

So maybe this isn't the biggest concern for our state right now. We've got jobs to worry about and we're concerned with health care and education and the environment. But what this bill represents is what is so important to us here at A New View on Shoe. Senator Shoemyer listens to his district and comes through for the people in it.

What else could you ask for in an elected official?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Shoemyer's hard work pays off!

SHOEMYER ON THE MOVE: Once again Shoemyer has supported and followed through on plans that will help the economy improve right here in District 18! Just yesterday Wes, as well as Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, traveled to Canton to discuss the new Lewis County Industrial Development Authority plan. Shoemyer and other area representatives have been working hard on this plan which will use close to 2 million dollars to create an area near Canton to strengthen and improve the economy. In particular, this plan will be extremely beneficial for many farmers throughout all of Northeast Missouri. There is no stopping Shoemyer when it comes to actually making things happen that will benefit us ALL!

Read the full article which includes statements from Shoemyer here

As opening day for deer season using firearms quickly begins to approach, we wanted to share with all of you exactly what Shoemyer had to say concerning hunting. During the interview Sarah had with Wes he was very open about his continuous support of Amendment 2 and even joked having the biggest deer heads of anyone in the capital hanging in his office.

What I found to be the most important about Wes’ discussion about hunting was that he incorporated the economic importance of deer hunting into the conversation. Shoemyer explained, that not only is hunting an important pastime of this area, but opening weekend brings in the most revenue to cities in the district such as Kirksville than any other weekend in the year.

Listen to what Shoemyer has to say!

Don't forget to check out the debate between Shoemyer and Munzlinger going on tonight at 7pm at Hannibal-LaGrange College. Let us know if any questions or comments arise after hearing Wes debate!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Support for Shoemyer continues to rise!

As the election continues to draw nearer more and more support for Wes Shoemyer is being revealed. Just a few days ago Quincy's newspaper, the Quincy Herald Whig, endorsed Shoemyer by publishing a very informative article. The article was not simply biased, but instead listed both Shoemyer's and his opponent Brian Munzlinger's accomplishments to prove why Wes is the best candidate for the job. We encourage Munzlinger's campaign to speak up and tell us why he thinks he is the best for the job because from what we have seen so far the competition is not keeping up to Wes!

To read the full endorsement article click here

Want to hear more from Shoemyer on a regular basis? We have found a great website, centralmoinfo.com, which has various radio segments of both Wes Shoemyer and Brian Munzlinger giving feedback on important issues concerning this election. One of the most informative clips I found was a radio debate where both of the candidates got a chance to give an opening statement, give answers to several questions, followed by closing statements. We encourage our readers to check out this site and we will be watching and posting any clips that appear in the next two weeks!

To listen to the radio debate click here!

SHOEMYER ON THE MOVE: Very exciting news for all you 18th District voters out there who would like to see Shoemyer prove his worth in person! This Friday, October 22nd, Shoemyer and his opponent will be participating in a debate at the Parker Theatre of the Roland Fine Arts Center on the Hannibal-LaGrange College campus in Hannibal. The debate will start at 7pm and all voters of the 18th District are encouraged to attend. Any questions can be asked of Louis Riggs at 573-629-3121 or for more information click here

Think you have decided Wes Shoemyer is the right candidate for you? Want to give him some support in these last two weeks? Donations to his campaign are welcome and greatly appreciated…to donate click here

The election is SO close so remember to keep checking back here for updates and send your comments and questions our way!