Friday, October 22, 2010

Shoemyer's hard work pays off!

SHOEMYER ON THE MOVE: Once again Shoemyer has supported and followed through on plans that will help the economy improve right here in District 18! Just yesterday Wes, as well as Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, traveled to Canton to discuss the new Lewis County Industrial Development Authority plan. Shoemyer and other area representatives have been working hard on this plan which will use close to 2 million dollars to create an area near Canton to strengthen and improve the economy. In particular, this plan will be extremely beneficial for many farmers throughout all of Northeast Missouri. There is no stopping Shoemyer when it comes to actually making things happen that will benefit us ALL!

Read the full article which includes statements from Shoemyer here

As opening day for deer season using firearms quickly begins to approach, we wanted to share with all of you exactly what Shoemyer had to say concerning hunting. During the interview Sarah had with Wes he was very open about his continuous support of Amendment 2 and even joked having the biggest deer heads of anyone in the capital hanging in his office.

What I found to be the most important about Wes’ discussion about hunting was that he incorporated the economic importance of deer hunting into the conversation. Shoemyer explained, that not only is hunting an important pastime of this area, but opening weekend brings in the most revenue to cities in the district such as Kirksville than any other weekend in the year.

Listen to what Shoemyer has to say!

Don't forget to check out the debate between Shoemyer and Munzlinger going on tonight at 7pm at Hannibal-LaGrange College. Let us know if any questions or comments arise after hearing Wes debate!

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  1. Economic impact is always the bottom line.